2008 - 2019

We were YippieMove.

YippieMove has been discontinued.

We moved email. We moved a lot of email, over the years. From one account to the next, from one provider to the other. We diligently carried over every letter, every dot over an i, every cross over a t. Every kitten picture, every spreadsheet, yes even that weird PowerPoint containing a screenshot of a Word document.

It was stressful but it was also fun. Alas, the journey has come to an end for us.

As of April, 2019, we have shut down YippieMove.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our customers for your trust in choosing us. Thank you. You've been great.

-- The YippieMove Team

Are you one of our final customers? Your transfer should be complete, but if you have any questions please contact support.

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