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Transfer your email in style.

About YippieMove

YippieMove is all about liberating your email. Email was invented to make communication faster and easier - yet there are times when it's anything but. If you have ever been in a situation where you needed to leave an email account behind, you know that migrating (or transferring) all those emails from one account to another can be a real challenge. YippieMove makes this a breeze. With YippieMove, you no longer need to be a tech-savvy engineer to figure out how to transfer your email.

Best of all, it all happens on our servers. You don't have to download anything, you don't have to sit through hours of forwarding email one by one in your email program. All you have to do is answer YippieMove's simple questions and then watch your emails fly.

Providers supported by YippieMove

Since we're trying to make things as easy as possible, we've compiled a long list of settings for common email providers. This list includes both popular business and personal email providers, as well as many colleges and universities.

In addition to the list of email providers listed below, you can always fill in your account details by hand using the "Other" option.

Colleges/Universities Business and Personal International Providers
Bethel University China: QQ Mail
Brown 1&1 Exchange Crystone (Sweden)
Cal Poly 1&1 Mail Crystone, Exchange (Sweden)
Caltech AIM Demon (UK)
Carnegie Mellon AOL FSdata
Chalmers University AT&T Internet Frontier (Yahoo)
Colombia Airmail Gandi
Göteborgs Universitet Ameritech (now AT&T) Germany: 1&1 Mail
Ithaca College Apple iCloud Germany: AOL
KTH Apptix Germany: Freenet
Linköpings University Atlantic Broadband Germany: Google Mail
Linn-Benton (old) Atmail Cloud Germany: T-Online
Linn-Benton Community College BellSouth Germany: WEB.DE
Luleå University BlueTie Ireland: eircom
Michigan State University Bluebottle Netherlands: XS4ALL
Mills College Budget Dialup Norway: Telenor (Bedrift)
New York University CableONE Norway: Telenor (
Ohio State University Charter Norway: Webhuset
Rice University Cincinnati Bell (Fuse) South Korea: Chol
Santa Clara University Clearwire Sweden: Algonet
Texas A&M University Comcast Business Class Sweden: Com Hem
Texas Tech University Comcast Xfinity (beta) Sweden: Glocalnet
U of Arizona CompuServe Sweden: Loopia
U of Chicago Cox Sweden: NetatOnce
U of Florida Cwazy Mail Sweden: Spray (Premium)
U of Michigan EarthLink Sweden: Tele2
U of North Carolina EuMX Sweden: Telenor Brevlåda
U of Notre Dame Sweden: Telenor Mail
U of San Francisco ExchangeMyMail (Exchg 2007) Sweden: Telenor Mail Mini
U of Southern Florida ExchangeMyMail (Exchg 2010) Sweden: Telenordia
U of Virginia (McIntire) FastMail Sweden: Telia
U of Wisconsin–Madison FatCow Sweden: Utfors
U of the Pacific UK: BT Internet
UC Berkeley Frontier Virgin Media Mail
UC Davis FuseMail  
UC Los Angeles GMX  
UC Santa Barbara Gmail  
UNC GoDaddy  
USC Goneo  
Uppsala University Google Apps  
Växjö University Hiwaay  
Washington State University Hotmail (beta)  
École des Mines de Paris HyperOffice  
  Infinity Internet  
  Internet Texoma  
  LavaBit (beta)  
  Lycos Premium  
  Microsoft Live@EDU  
  Nevada Bell  
  One (beta)  
  Rackspace Email  
  SBC Global  
  Southwestern Bell  
  WOW! (Wide Open West)  
  Yahoo! Mail (beta)  

...And There's More

Even if we didn't get around to adding your particular provider to our list yet, we are giving you the power to do it yourself. Our advanced interface, found under the 'Other' provider heading, allows you to configure almost any email service out there. If your email service supports IMAP, chances are it will work with YippieMove. (There are certain email providers we cannot support due to lack of IMAP support. This includes some common email providers such as restricted web mail services, e.g. Hotmail, and POP3-only services, e.g. BellSouth and Comcast.)

The YippieMove Advantage

Simplicity: With our easy to use presets you don't need to be an email expert. Just answer a few questions and you're ready to go.

Speed: Our servers are hooked up with high speed internet connections. A transfer that could take days with an average at home broadband internet connection could finish in hours with our servers.

Hands Off Processing: Once you've set up the job you can go and do something else. Your computer and attention won't be hogged by the process.

With a minimal amount of fuzz and time spent, you can have your email in a new home before tomorrow. Preserve your full emails without having to go through the frustrating experience of forwarding email by email.

Got big ideas for YippieMove? We offer volume discounts and batch migration.

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