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Server specific FAQ

What email servers are supported by YippieMove?

YippieMove should in theory work with any server with that follows the IMAP standard. Recent releases of the following stand-alone IMAP servers are fully supported.

  • DBmail
  • Courier-IMAP
  • Cyrus-IMAP*
  • Dovecot

*If you are moving to Cyrus, you will need to leave the destination folder name blank. The reason for this is that Cyrus uses the root as inbox by default. If you enter 'Inbox' as the destination folder and Cyrus is configured to use the root as the Inbox, you will end up with a folder named 'Inbox' within your Inbox.

What email solutions are supported by YippieMove?

In addition to the providers listed in the drop-down, YippieMove is also know to work with recent versions the following email solutions:

  • Atmail
  • FirstClass*
  • IceWarp eMail Server
  • Microsoft Exchange**
  • Lotus Domino
  • Lotus iNotes
  • Novell Groupwise
  • Open-Xchange
  • Scalix
  • Zimbra

*There is a bug in the IMAP implementation in FirstClass that causes the listing of messages to fail under certain circumstances (details available here here). We have reported the bug, but as of release 9.1, the bug is yet to be resolved.

**Requires IMAP to be enabled.

Can YippieMove connect to Microsoft Exchange without having to reset the users' passwords?

Yes you can. We've written an article on how to do just that and posted it here.

Can YippieMove connect to Dovecot without having to reset the users' passwords?

Definitely. Take a look at this blog-post for more information.