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How do I transfer email from or to

Using YippieMove to transfer to or from is easy.

In this example we will demonstrate how you use YippieMove to transfer email from to Google Apps. However, if you'd like to transfer email from Google Apps to, you can simply reverse the order. We also assume that you haven't changed the default DNS settings for (the CNAME to be precise).

You can also use this guide to transfer to any other supported provider or IMAP server. Just modify the settings in Step 2 to fit your needs.

Step 1: Your account

Since we are moving from, we need you to enter your account information for in Step 1. Enter your account next to 'Account Login.' In the screenshot below we are transferring email from the account '[email protected]' We also need you to enter the password for the account next to 'Password'

This next part is probably the trickiest part of the entire process. First you need to select 'Other...' in the drop-down list. Upon doing so, two new fields will appear below. Next to 'Host,' you need to enter the address to your IMAP server. The default setting for is Since our example-user is [email protected], the default setting should be '' (simply put 'imap.' before your domain).

Leave the 'Port' to '143' and 'SSL' unchecked.

Step 1: Your account

Step 2: Your Google Apps-account

In this step you need to provide the information about the Google Apps-account you are moving to.

We will assume that you are using the same domain for Google Apps, and that the username you are moving to is '[email protected]'

Enter '[email protected]' next to 'Account Login' and the Password for the account below. Since we have Google Apps in the drop-down list, all you need to do is to select it.

Step 2: The Google Apps account That's pretty much all there is to it. The only remaining step is to select the folders you wish to transfer in Step 3. Simple as pie. Click here to get started.

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