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How do I transfer email from Yahoo to Gmail?

Do you have an old Yahoo-account full with email that you'd like to transfer over to Gmail? In this brief guide, we'll walk you through how to do just that.

Start by surfing over to and click "Start Now" on the bottom.

Transfer email from Yahoo to Gmail - Step 0

You will now be prompted with two fields and one drop-down list. Start by filling in your Yahoo-address in the filed next to 'Account Login' (eg. [email protected]). Next, fill in the password to your Yahoo-account next to 'Password'.

Lastly, select 'Yahoo! Mail' in the list next to 'Provider.' Click Next.

Transfer email from Yahoo to Gmail - Step 1

This step is very similar to the previous step. Enter your Gmail-address (eg. [email protected]) next to 'Account Login' and enter your Gmail password next to 'Password.' Finally select 'Gmail' in the 'Provider' list. Click 'Next'

Transfer email from Yahoo to Gmail - Step 2

In this final step, you need to select the folders you wish to copy from Yahoo to Gmail. As you can see in the screenshot below, YippieMove automatically selected all folders but 'Trash' and 'Bulk Mail.' The reason why YippieMove exclude these folders is because, according to our experience, most people do not want to transfer them. If you would like modify the selection of folders, use the checkboxes next to the folder name.

In most cases, the default selection is sufficient.

Transfer email from Yahoo to Gmail - Step 3

That's it! The only thing remaining now is to create a YippieMove account (so that you can track your transfer) and the payment. Transferring emails couldn't get any easier than this.

Click here to get started.

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